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End-users submit tickets through our patented Tier 2 Tickets™ software by pressing a hotkey, desktop icon, pinned-to-taskbar icon, or brandable USB Helpdesk Button™. This action initiates real-time scripts that compile a self-diagnosing report of real-time device data, including an instant replay of the user’s last 20 actions they took before triggering the software. While this is happening, a small form appears walking the user through ticket submission: their name and the issue they are having – no passwords to remember or accounts to set up. They submit a perfect ticket, quickly and painlessly, directly into your ticketing system.

You get a significant head-start through perfect documentation, fewer communication issues, less time chasing down end-users, and the ability to start a ticket without guess-work. Your clients love it; it sets you apart from any other MSP and it saves you operational costs at the same time. Don’t believe us? Try our calculator.


Empower technicians with tools that make them look even smarter than they are.

Your end users will be amazed at their efficiency and accuracy. With Tier2Ticket’s dashboard with custom alerts, self-diagnosing reports, and coming soon, a heatmap so you can see when and where the software is triggered, even before the user finishes submitting a ticket.


Implement with an impressive USB button or map to a hotkey, whichever suits your clients best.

Clients know they need I.T., but beyond that, they don’t know exactly what you do. The Helpdesk Button™ connects with management and lay people in a way that nothing else does: it’s a powerful, relatable representation of your service, and it’s great for sales to new clients or for replacing swag you buy for your retainer clients. Same great software, accessible to your end-users with zero training.


Rest easy knowing it’s built with Security and Compliance in mind.

Tier 2 Tickets™ software is encrypted end-to-end, with MFA authentication via TOTP, self-hosting, auditing and reporting functionality available.


Watch your response and resolution time plummet through our powerful tool for dispatch and triage.

Give your techs the ability to see what really happened with context and clarity. From real-time diagnostics reports flagged with common helpdesk issues to an annotated video of the user’s last 20 actions, our software gives your techs the confidence of knowing exactly what they’re walking into before they even pick up the phone.


Click the corresponding image to view a live ticket with annotated video and diagnostic summary.

An intermittent connectivity problem was instantly identified and diagnosed to this reoccurring but unreproducible "cant save word documents" problem.

An intermittent connectivity problem was instantly identified and diagnosed to this reoccurring but unreproducible “cant save word documents” problem

Oh no! Clark's Email was HACKED! 
Lets take a closer look...

Oh no! Clark’s Email was HACKED! Lets take a closer look…

Sometimes users are less than honest about where they go online and what they have been doing.

Sometimes users are less-than-honest about where they go online and what they have been doing.

This time Clark is attempting to use his old ticket portal. Who remembers their passwords anymore? As a bonus he let us know about some imminent hardware failures.

This time, Clark is attempting to use his old ticket portal. Who remembers their passwords anymore? As a bonus, he let us know about some imminent hardware failures.


Impossibly Easy, Deceptively Powerful, Endlessly Customizable

  • User Trust Factor to help validate your end-users without requiring a password.
  • API Integrations with 12+ PSAs, including ConnectWise, Syncro/RepairShoppr, Autotask, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.
  • Use the Portal and Customer Management tools of your choice. We integrate seamlessly with your custom portal through your PSA or a third-party option like DeskDirector.
  • Dispatcher Rules allow you to triage tickets before they enter your PSA based on user information, message or selections.
  • Tier2Assist gives your users useful actions, forms, or links based on specific phrases in their requests or the results of a third-party API after their tickets have been submitted.
  • Tier2Forms Google Forms integration allows you link custom forms to your Helpdesk Buttons account, appending form data to pre-existing tickets or creating new ones upon submission.
  • Tier2Scripts enable you to modify behavior of our software and reports, launching scripts you define upon trigger or installation of our software.
  • NEW! Pull Report on Demand or Automagically where supported: now, you can have access to our powerful Diagnostic Report even if your user didn’t put in a ticket through Tier2.


We’ve built our patented Tier2 Tickets™ software to handle tickets from initial request to resolution, not just because we wanted to make something cool, but because we’ve been where you are. We’re a team of technical fixers and innovators celebrating IT Service Professionals and creating better ways to interact and communicate with end users.

Learn more about us, our product features and pricing, or just register today and enjoy a fully-featured free tier until you’re ready to buy.


Helpdesks just like yours are saving time and money with Tier2Tickets and Helpdesk Buttons. Partners are reporting saving 60% of their time to diagnose and resolve tickets thanks to the context and clarity our product creates. MSPs using call centers are reporting huge savings on reduction of telephone support calls, especially for initial requests and dispatching. Read a few testimonials here.


Learn more about Tier 2 Tickets and how it can help you save time and money while keeping your clients happy.