After 20 years of experience working at and running our own helpdesks, we realized the primary inefficiency built into every technical support interaction: Getting good clear information from end users.  Typically, they can barely articulate what the problem is — Something’s just wrong and you have to fix it as quickly as possible. The only information you have available to you is from someone who has next to no idea what is going on and is extremely annoyed something is broken in the first place.  You have 10 minutes. GO!


Do you ever sit on a tech support call, mute your mic, sigh deeply, and wish you could just teleport back in time to the user’s desk and see the problem with your own eyes right as it occurred? Maybe you just wish you could have gotten the information without spending an hour listen to the user complain and make wild guesses about what is wrong. After years of help desk frustration and miscommunication we thought, there has got to be an easier way to do this. So we did what we do best. We built something — Helpdesk Buttons, powered by our Tier2Tickets software.  With one click of a Helpdesk Button, all the stuff the user didn’t understand is captured and transmitted to an agent who does — system data, screen-captured video of the error, and the user’s last 20 actions. No more explaining to an end user where the Windows and Print Screen keys are, no more trying to figure out what that error code was they just can’t remember, didn’t write down, and can’t seem to duplicate. We hope you like it.  

Tier2Tickets and Helpdesk Buttons are products from the team at Tier2Technologies. Learn more about their line of products at