Wait! Are you looking for help? We’re not your IT Support Company!

Please complete the Helpdesk Buttons process on your device and your support team will resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

The Helpdesk Button™ runs a package of scripts that looks at the following:

  • Currently Logged in User Account
  • Computer name and hardware identifiers
  • Screenshots of your Current Screen and the last actions you took historically, up to as many as 20 actions
  • Network and WIFI connection information and diagnostics
  • Hardware Status
  • Running Processes
  • Recent Event Viewer Logs
  • Recent Website History
  • Custom scripts and information as added by your helpdesk

Our goal is to maintain your privacy and to just gather the key things that will help your Helpdesk help you best.

No information is sent to us until you submit your Problem Details.

If you have any other questions about the data collected, contact your service provider.

A word on your responsibility when submitting information through the Helpdesk Button™ UI

It is your, the end-user’s, responsibility to make sure you are not submitting private or confidential information through the Helpdesk Buttons™ UI when submitting your help ticket. We’ve taken precautions to securely store the information we’ve collected outside of the ticketing system your service provider uses. However, HIPAA, SOX, (and other customer-protection federal statutes covering personal information,) standards still apply for any information you knowingly submit over telecommunications. Please make sure that the helpdesk you are submitting to has proper paperwork on file with your organization before you submit any potentially confidential information.