We’ve been hard at work identifying and connecting ticketing systems that you have invested in and already know, use, and…love? Ok, love is a stretch. But the point is, we’ve already done the work of integrating the ticketing system you’re already using into our Helpdesk Button™ functionality. We even have an email connector if you’re a sadist and want to have tickets sent straight to your inbox.

Keep using the infrastructure you’re used to, just enhance the data coming into it with the addition of Helpdesk Buttons™.

PSA/Ticketing System API Integrations


Customize to fit your stack



We know you. You’ve painstakingly built your stack over the years and you have other services you want to tie together with Tier2 Tickets. We hear you and want to make it happen. Keep an eye on this space as we add integrations with some of your favorite products.


We didn’t make this product in a vacuum. On top of the hundreds of man-hours we’ve invested, we’ve sewn in thousands of man-hours of other open source resources and frameworks into Tier2 Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons. We’d be errant to not highlight a few of our favorite and key players. Please help us say thank you to the list of folks below, and check them out, you might find the missing piece for your next project like we did.

Thank you:

  • sciter, the foundation of our GUI
  • Kelvin Tegelaar of, we’ve used his Powershell scripts in our MSP as well as in reports. There is a ton that you can do with PowerShell, and Kelvin has a slew of resources for other scripts you can add to Tier2 Scripts or to your internal MSP stack.
  • /r/msp, the community of smart, thoughtful people who helped us form our product from the very beginning.