We’ve made Tier2Tickets and Helpdesk Buttons because we feel it’s a great idea and our end-users love it. That said, don’t take our word for it: here’s a sampling of some of the amazing things our Partners have said about our product!

“It literally makes our technicians smarter”

It literally makes our technicians smarter!

Is the computer acting weird? Oh, hey – the BIOS is out of date! (That section turns red in the report.)

Is the computer offline with no internet? Have the client scan the QR code and submit the diagnostics with their phone.

These are real scenarios that happened to us over the last few months. The first PC just wouldn’t stop being “stupid”. No real errors or event logs our technicians could trace. Helpdesk Buttons alerted us that the BIOS was an old release. Once we completed the BIOS and chipset updates, the PC was faster and more reliable than ever.

The second scenario happened when someone in the office unplugged the patch cable going into the wall from an imaging computer. A $100/K 3D machine was rendered useless because the PC couldn’t connect to the imaging database on the server. This client is 2.5 hours from us. Helpdesk Buttons showed us exactly where to start and we avoided having to go onsite.

Andrew Newberry, Reliance Technology Solutions

“We landed our biggest client because of you”

I personally want to thank you guys, because we landed our biggest client because of you. We actually went head-to-head with three or four MSPs and the clients were so impressed with the buttons, that was a big part of their decision: they thought it was very forward-thinking of us to have a product like that. Customers love it and are very impressed by it. Kevin Kahn, Intellicomp

“The user loved it”

Our first ticket was opened today using the Tier2Tickets software. The user loved how she didn’t even have to think about it.

User — “I didn’t even have to think about it. All I had to do was describe my issue, select a couple of options and then you called me. It is like the Batman button for when I need help”.

After reviewing the report, we instructed the user to reboot her computer and her issue was resolved. We didn’t waste any time connecting to her computer just to have her reproduce the issue so we could see the error.

Positive so far 🙂

Jason Ruediger, ITConnect360

“The most useful tool”

Your product has quite possibly been the most useful tool I’ve ever come across in my career or in that of my colleagues’ careers in the office. Neil, Olive Branch IT

“Push of a button”

We are always looking to improve our clients experience with technology. Support requests are now a push of a button and our clients could not be happier! Dylan Minter, Hantera

“Stupid simple and genius…”

Ya’ll are awesome. Seriously, that is a stupid simple and genius way to do it. John Carson, Atlasta

“I wish there were more companies like you around”

Just wanted to give you guys some honest feedback. Every decision you are making with your system and how you communicate with and treat your customers is top-notch. I wish there were more companies like you around. I’m very impressed. Matthew Rebstock, Owner | Tech in a Flash

“You guys get it”

I love that new QR feature…my favorite feature outside the button itself! You guys rock! Its nice to have a company by and MSP for an MSP…you guys get it! Tony Tribuzio, Hexi-Tech

Brilliant, Universal Solution

This is easily, one of the most brilliant solutions I’ve seen. Not just in “IT” but universally! Bravo! Patrick Rufino, Artemis IT

Overwhelmingly Positive Response

The response from current and prospective clients has been overwhelmingly positive! Steve Palacios, Team Rampage

6k MRR Deal

Within 48 hours of my first order with Helpdesk Buttons, I secured a $6000 MRR contract. The clients loved it. Michigan-based MSP

Clients “Get It”

I have never had a response to anything like the response we get when we show clients this product. I have been doing MSP sales pitches for over a decade and I have never had a response to anything like the response we get when we show clients this product. THEY GO NUTS FOR IT!! They really “Get it.” So much of the rest of our pitch can be lost in the weeds when presenting to non-Technical C-levels, but the button connects. Additionally it makes Amazing Swag, so that’s a line item in our budget that I can actually make work for me instead of considering it a dispensable cost. Georgia-based MSP