Customize Helpdesk ButtonsTM to fit your stack, workflow, and pre-exisiting tool integrations with our powerful and flexible automations, built on Python and visualized for easy editing through Google’s Blockly. Learn more about how you can customize.

  • Integrate your Custom Forms. Tier2Forms’ Google Forms integration allows you link custom forms to your Helpdesk Buttons account, appending form data to pre-existing tickets or creating new ones upon submission.
  • Provide dynamic user tasks. Tier2Assist gives your users useful actions, forms, or links based on specific phrases in their requests or the results of a third-party API after their tickets have been submitted.
  • Triage tickets with rules you set. Dispatcher Rules allow you to triage tickets before they enter your PSA based on user information, message or selections.
  • Customize with Custom Scripts. Tier2Scripts enable you to modify behavior of our software and reports, launching scripts you define upon trigger or installation of our software.
  • Integrations + Partnerships
    • API Integrations with 12+ PSAs, including ConnectWise, Syncro/RepairShoppr, Autotask, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.
    • Use the Portal and Customer Management tools of your choice. We integrate seamlessly with your custom portal through your PSA or a third-party option like DeskDirector.