Tier 2 Tickets™
for Clients

[ts-heading h2=”YOUR CLIENTS WILL LOVE TIER 2 TICKETS™” txt_align=”center”][/ts-heading]

We built Tier 2 Tickets™ with end-users in mind.

With our software, submitting tickets is easy. We’ve removed hurdles that we’ve seen actual end-users consistently struggle with. Now they don’t have to learn anything new or fight through the rules of submitting a proper request. And by “proper request,” we don’t mean just any request, we’re talking about a perfect ticket.

No more coaching them through screenshots or figuring out what “my computer is humming” means.  No more indecipherable help tickets. Customers initiate Tier 2 Tickets™, you get real-time data. No more chasing tickets, schedules, or phonecalls.

Less noise in the data collection, better and faster problem resolution.

Power up your clients with the Helpdesk Button

Depending on your client needs, we’ve built in a way to map Tier 2 Tickets™ to a function key that you choose, or through a physical USB button that will power up your sales, adoption, and software usage, aptly named the Helpdesk Button™.

Every customer we’ve introduced them to won’t stop talking about them. Clients want to know when we’re installing them on their systems. You don’t even have to sell them on it, the value is clear.

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PERFECT TICKETS” h4=”Let the Tier 2 Tickets™ do the work”][/ts-heading]

The truth is this: submitting a ticket isn’t as easy for clients as we assume it will be.  Using and understanding how their computer works is such a small fraction of their job – that’s why they hired us in the first place.

Our goal is to make your customers feel like submitting a help ticket is the easiest thing in the world, because with our set-up, it truly is. We have removed all barriers.

[ts-heading h2=”THEY’LL THINK YOU’RE MAGIC
(MORE THAN THEY ALREADY DO)” h4=”Resolve problems without even talking to your customer“][/ts-heading]

With each ticket submitted through Tier 2 Tickets™, get a snapshot of the real-time status of your users’ device: enough data to resolve any number of problems without even requiring your client to answer any followup questions.

GET PERFECT TICKETS” h4=”Give them the service they want but don’t know how to ask for.”][/ts-heading]

How many times have you struggled with getting users to make tickets?

  • Noone made an account
  • I don’t know who to call when there is a problem
  • I don’t’ know how to make a ticket
  • I don’t know my password
[ts-heading h2=”TRUST-FACTOR
AUTHENTICATION” h4=”Receive and Work on tickets with confidence”]Get tickets with confidence because they only come from button’d computers and you can see the user that is logged in.[/ts-heading]

Manually verify ticket submission user combinations as “trusted” and relax knowing that the submission from the given linked username, user computer, and  human name is a legitimate ticket, not phishing.