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Tier 2 Tickets
for Management


Lower Service Costs

Close more Sales

Improve Client Statisfaction

It more than pays for itself.


We are math people.  Maybe you are too. We like to show our work and let skeptical people try their own numbers. 

As a result, we want you to do what makes sense for your company. Back when we were putting this together and trying to figure out if it was worth all the work we made a spreadsheet to try to calculate the time savings per ticket for ourselves. Tier 2 Tickets doesn’t solve every problem, but it does significantly mitigate some of the most frustrating ones like intermittent issues that take weeks to resolve. Some of these issues may not be problems for your helpdesk, and there may be other uses you can see immediately that we haven’t thought of.  The default values are pulled from our own internal numbers and in many cases estimate or guesses. That being said, it’s completely variable, so put in your own data estimates and guesses and form your own conclusions.

Of note: we’ve included a line for “buttons” – as you’ve seen through the rest of our site, while Tier 2 Tickets can be triggered with a hotkey, we’ve found that a Helpdesk button as swag is an easy sell for our clients and even gets them excited about using the software. You’ll find the savings will make up for the cost.

Try our simple calculator and see for yourself. 

Enter your numbers here:   Your Calculated Savings:  
Number of endpoints Total tickets
Tickets per endpoint/month Savings per ticket
Average technician hourly rate Total savings
Savings in time in minutes per ticket    
Cost per button initial Total cost initial
Cost per button monthly Total cost over time
Period of time (years) Total cost
Resale price of button    
Price of Swag buttons are replacing Total value generated

+ Increased Sales
+ Increased Client Satisfaction
+ Response times your competitors can’t match

Tier 2 Tickets improves your bottom line

Build better client relationships and retention through better metrics


Faster Ticket Resolutions

Every ticket comes in with a 30 minute head start on it.  Skip the basic troubleshooting and data collection and dive right into the issue. 

Lower Client Complaints

How many complaints can be linked back directly to poor documentation or weak communication? With our helpdesk, the number 1 factor in client complaints is that there was never a ticket made on the issue to begin with, and frequently the user had asked someone in passing or sent a text through a non-official channel!

How would you like to end those issues?  Make it easier for clients to communicate with you.

Better Documentation

Out of the gate, every ticket has a uniform set of data attached to it that can be parsed. No more scrambling for background information on the issue or customer at hand.

All of these things put together lead to Better Client Relationships and Retention.


Helpdesk Buttons are a tangible and relatable device that will help you close that deal.

helpdesk buttons even make sales easy


From the Owner of our very own helpdesk:

I have been doing MSP sales pitches for over a decade and I have never had a response to anything like the response we get when we show clients this product. 

THEY GO NUTS FOR IT!!  They really “Get it.” So much of the rest of our pitch can be lost in the weeds when presenting to non-Technical C-levels, but the button connects. 

Additionally it makes Amazing Swag, so that’s a line item in our budget that I can actually make work for me instead of considering it a dispensable cost. 

Stop throwing away money


What are you handing out now on client visits or at conferences? Flash drives? Mouse pads? Koozies? Items that collect dust and serve the only purpose of putting your name in front of someone?

Tier 2 Tickets and Helpdesk Buttons want to usher you into a new realm of swag.

Our Helpdesk Buttons are pre-programmed to download your personalized Tier 2 Tickets software. That means you can hand these out to everyone and all they need to know is to plug it in and hold the button down for 3 seconds.  

Isn’t this a million times better? You can hand out a literal demo of your services.

Your sales people are going to love you, your clients are going to love you, and it will set you apart from your competitors.

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