Hang out with our crew as we explore topics and projects we’re currently working on, get help where you find you’re stuck, or just leave us up for a little company and background noise while you get your own projects going.

Who knows, we might even show you a little taste of the cool thing we’re working on next!

General format is relaxed:

  • 10-15 min of a demo of [topic],
  • a prompt/starter code for how to implement it yourself,
  • Q&A and then
  • freeplay (work on your own Tier2Tickets implementation or other projects) for the following hour.

There are two sessions; the first will be a Tier2Tickets 101 (Noon ET), and the second at 1pm ET will cover advanced topics. But both will have the same access to our dev and leadership team as well as other partners like you and the occasional special guest!

Standard Schedule:

  • 1st Tuesdays: Tier2Automations (Assists + Dispatcher Rules + Forms)
  • 2nd Tuesdays: Tier2AI
  • 3rd Tuesdays: Toast Notifications + Device Management
  • 4th Tuesdays: Using Helpdesk Buttons for Onboarding, Sales, and Client Satisfaction
  • 5th Tuesdays: Other Topics and New Features Round-up

Other topics:

  • Tier2Forms
  • Deployment: with PowerShell, with Helpdesk Buttons
  • Best Practices for Client Adoption
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Branding Tier2Tickets (Advanced UI)
  • How to Read the Report and Use features (NEW REPORT)

Join us! The Calendar below will share our events and you can register for the days that fit your interests and availability.