Irate Customers need help too!

Using AI to triage tickets using Tier2

Customer service is about providing a positive experience for clients, and this extends beyond simply solving problems. We also need to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of their clients, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Without customers, our doors remain closed.

When a customer submits a ticket using Tier2, we pass that along our tensor flow AI. The AI’s job is to understand context and sentiment. If you’re customer is submitting a ticket, and they sound angry or mad, then let Tier2Tickets prioritize the ticket and turn the irate customer into a satisfied one.

Let me explain: When a customer submits a ticket, our AI (example below) will look for to see if the customer is angry, frustrated, or in a urgent need. If the customer is either angry or mad, we’ll set the board to “Service” and the priority to “High”. In the example below, any request that is urgent will automatically get set to Alex Permenter. If your MSP handles things differently, you can change the board name, change the priority level, or not even assign it to a specific person.

Please note: Board names , priority , and owner are CaSe SeNsITiVe, You will need to adjust the code according to your PSA.

Also Note: This example was done in our ConnectWise Manage developer instance. If you would like help coding it to your specific PSA let us know!

#If the customer is mad, assign to appropriate person ,board, or group
categories = ['angry', 'frustrated', 'urgent']
result = ai_categorize(msg, categories)
if result['best_match'] == 'angry' or result['best_match'] == 'frustrated':
    #in manage priorities are board specific
    board = 'Service'
    priority = 'High'
if result['best_match'] == 'urgent':
    owner = 'Alex Permenter'

Watch a step by step guide on how to add AI Triage to your Tier2Tickets account.

Let us aid you in providing a positive experience to your customers! If you’re new around here, or just new to Tier2Tickets, feel free to sign up for a fully functioning 25 licenses account. Use your account for as long as you want!