2020-10-07 Update: Now Available through Pax8!


If you follow us closely, you may have noticed we’ve been going through a little renaming and repositioning to better reflect the suite of products we offer.

We’re now Tier2 Technologies: makers of Helpdesk Buttons, powered by Tier2 Tickets.

It’s a little bit more pomp and circumstance than our team prefers to make, but it’s with good reason! Starting this week, Helpdesk Buttons and Tier2 Tickets are available for North American MSPs exclusively through Pax8. We’ve been working steadily with their product and sales teams to make sure that you will receive reliable, scalable service from their impressive cache of thoughtful staff. We hope you will reach out to your Pax8 Wingman for a demo and to sign up.

IT Service Professionals working in Enterprise or internal helpdesk situations, as well as MSPs worldwide can still purchase our product directly from Tier2 Technologies. Regardless, if you’re ready to sign up, visit and we’ll get you sorted.

As always, making a product that weaves seamlessly into your stack and team is our highest priority. We look forward to your feedback of any size, so whether you pass that to your Pax8 Wingman, your T2T Account Manager, or directly to our Developers at, we hope to hear from you as we grow and help MSPs and IT Service Professionals of all shapes and sizes automate their end users through our product line.

Inside the rest of our update, enjoy some quality of life bug fixes, additional documentation, and marketing support for as you bring Helpdesk Buttons and Tier2 Tickets into your market.


The Crew at Tier2 Tech


  • GUI
    • Fixed bug where header text on the landing page bled into login text
    • Disabled launch if wrong exe is clicked.
    • Renamed the software to tier2tickets (in add/remove programs and the program files directory)
    • Updated to use Windows certificate store, allowing the software to work on computers that are using a “man in the middle” content filter, without excluding it from the content filter
    • Thank you page: Now using the name provided instead of the PSA unknown name on thank you page when the user isn’t in the PSA.
    • Removed the cap on “Max Script wait time” in our Integration Settings page to allow slower computers to finish submitting data for reports.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing tier2tickets to have the service removed by specific AV vendors, please update to latest version.
  • Portal, Report, and Supplements
    • Made our magic report links read the resulting pages and skip 404s to return better results
    • Updated SSL certs across the board
    • Updated Tier2 Forms/Google Forms integration and affirmed approval as trusted app.
    • Added a quick link to our bug report github repo in the navigation menu. Let us know if you see something you need fixed!



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