February 2022 Update: Auto-add our report to any ticket, huge QOL additions, PLUS, win a year of free service!

Happy New Year, Partners! 

Our General Availability build is now v1.1.x.26, and we have a slew of stellar features to run through with you, so hold on to your seats, we’re gonna go fast:  

  • We’re official! Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons is now officially patented. So many of you supported us and saw the vision we had since our early days. Now, we have just one more point of pride, and we wanted to share with the people who have been with us every step of the way. 
  • Enter to win a year of free service for up to 10k endpoints. We’re raffling away a free year of service* to a lucky MSP who joins us for our first Tier2Tuesday Partner Panel on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 1PM. We’ll be joined by Chad McDonald of ITPartners+, Ian Richardson of Richardson & Richardson Consulting, and Brent of iTech Las Vegas. Register for your seat (and raffle ticket!) today, and get ready to chat with our partners as they talk about what has made them successful in implementing Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons and how that could translate to your team! *Terms and Conditions 
  • NEW Auto-add Report to ANY Ticket, regardless of source. For ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, and Syncro, if you have Configurations/Configuration Items/Assets set up, we can now append our Diagnostic Report automatically, no matter if the ticket was made with an email, phone call, a technician, or other automation. This has huge implications for our partners using DeskDirector or CloudRadial – your users can keep putting in tickets the same way you trained them, just solve them faster and with less guesswork. (Also, if you missed it, you can pull these Reports on Demand as of v1.1.x.24 as well!) 
  • NEW MSI Registry update: Create URLs to launch Tier2Tickets. Perfect for your website or launching from a User Portal. Thanks to Greg over at AlwaysOnIT for inspiring this feature! 
  • Billing Updates. We have to be honest, billing is the least interesting thing we do, it’s so boring the team would rather give the product away than build features for it. That said, we apologize for the delay: a ton of you have asked for better feedback and visibility on Billing and Licensing so we’ve updated our system.  
    • Set up your own Billing email Permissions. Emails given Billing Permissions on Subaccounts page will now receive Billing or Licensing Update Emails 
    • Email sent on License Overage. No longer do you need to keep an eye on the licensing page, we’ll send you an email when your installs exceed your licenses so you can update your licensing and ensure your technicians are still able to review our self-diagnosing Report.  
    • Email sent on Bill/Invoice Created. For your records, you will now receive an Invoice whenever your credit card has been billed, whether for monthly service or prorated for newly-added licenses.  
  • Account QOL Updates. Better logging, permissions, and in-account actions. Read them all here.  
  • NEW preview You’ll notice that anywhere you saw TechConnect, we’ve now updated those to use is our answer for the remote connection capabilities where TechConnect was a tech demo of those features, is already much improved and will have some features no other remote tool has. It is still in early Alpha with many of those features no yet available. As is our M.O., we wholeheartedly invite you to test it out and send us feedback at This product will be free for commercial use and also included in Tier2Tickets licensing at no extra charge as a commitment to our goal of creating powerful tools and workflows for you and your technicians.  
  • NEW Known Issues page. Following a Geekcast with Kyle Spooner and Ray Orsini, we were inspired to create a Known Issues page as a commitment to transparency. This, coupled with our Trello Roadmap is another iteration to intentionally better outline Feature Requests and our progress on them.  

That’s it for today. Please register for our Tier2Tuesday on March 1st (even if you can’t make it, it’ll be recorded!).