The Customer Satisfaction Project

We’re pretty open about the fact that our products were made directly as a result of our experience as an MSP, but we don’t often get to talk about the driving values that have shaped Helpdesk Buttons, Tier2Tickets, curbq, and Rxcellent.

Huge thank you to Nash and Cory of Simplesat for inviting us to talk about our approach to customer service, and how it boils down to relationship building through over-delivering, communication, and even…automating those things when possible.

We talk about about our parent company, the MSP that Alex established and maintains, success he has seen there, and how those ideals have translated to our product line at Tier2Technologies. It’s been a joy to make good products that help our partners cultivate better customer service and to work on integrations with groups like Simplesat who carry the same values.

Listen to the Tier2Tech episode and subscribe to SimpleSat’s podcast, The Customer Satisfaction Project as they speak with leaders in Customer Satisfaction field.

Hope y’all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed talking about it!