2020 in Review

As our team plans for the release of a few new features next week, we looked back on our road here and noted that the product you may have signed up for a year ago is now a completely different, much more powerful product! As such, we wanted to do a little walk through of all the features we’ve added, for you, our community, to recognize what your buy-in has helped us create. 

Still operating as an MSP ourselves, we’ve had a clear vision for what our product can offer IT Support Professionals from the beginning, and we’re aware that refining that is going to be an exciting and never-ending process. We’ve worked hard, yes, but would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge and thank you for your feedback and requests. We’re glad to have so many smart, capable, and established people sharing bits of their culture and best practices, and hope to be an integral part of your service offering for many years to come. So thank you, and always know that our phone lines, inboxes, and slack/discord/reddit handles are always open to you for questions, feedback, or just talk shop. 

When we left beta in March 2020 (arguably the worst timing in the world, eh?), many of you early adopters were happily using the basic features of our product: 

  1. a friendly, easy front end for submitting tickets and 
  2. our automatic, self-diagnosing reports that give your technicians context and clarity on the problem at hand as well as a heads up on how to resolve it. 

Since then, we’ve made a few very good updates to those things, including further customizations to the landing page as well as an editable CSS so you can brand it with your own colors, as well as a cadre of impossibly good features to improve your (and your clients’!) experience. So just in case you missed them, here are a few high points: 

  • Offline Ticket Submission to your system even when the device can’t connect to the internet, including 10 network diagnostic tests via QR code.
  • New ticketing system integrations; we now integrate via API with 4me, Accelo, Atera, Autotask, Connectwise, ERPNext, Freshdesk, Freshservice, Kaseya, OSTicket, Repairshopr/Syncro, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.
  • A powerful Automations Engine, offering you the ability to triage tickets (Dispatcher Rules) as well as giving your clients dynamic actions (Tier2Assists) based on phrases or selections they enter while submitting their problem or request.
  • Tier2Forms, which will create a ticket in your system with the competed form inserted as a private note, or if used in conjunction with our Tier2Assist Automations, appended to the ticket your user just created. Originally integrated with Google Forms, and with 1.x.13, Cognito Forms.
  • Endpoint Management tools including Push Toast Notifications, remote push update, and remote uninstall. New with 1.x.13: Automatic Toast Notifications on ticket status change!
  • LDAP/AD Integration (or any other authentication you prefer!) to grab user credentials so they don’t even have to fill out their email address anymore.
  • Marketing tools for you to take to your Clients and your C-Suite, including Datasheets and How-to guides
  • Optional Remote Access features including a ridiculously fast command line tool
  • More and more security features: user logs, virus scanning, MFA, and more, to keep your accounts and data safe. 

Believe it or not, there is actually a lot more that we’ve not listed here for the sake of (don’t laugh!) brevity, but if you’re curious about the fullness of our work, you can always review previous releases on the News section of our website or our Community Forums.

Outside of Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons development, our Tier2Technologies team also created curbq. It’s free and was just a little side project we built with the intention of helping mom and pop shops, professional offices, and anyone else who needs to manage customers but doesn’t have the resources to build their own app. If your clients are looking for a curbside queuing and messaging app, try it out and let us know if there is anything else we can do to make it better!

Like we said in the first line, we’ll send out an update before the holiday next week, so keep an eye out for it: we’re packing in some really cool features, including Automatic Toast Notifications on the end-users device when ticket status changes, and our Cognito Forms X Tier2Forms integration. 

Be Well!

The Tier2Technologies Team

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