Summer 2021 Update: autoadd Assets, QOL Updates, GDPR, TopDesk Integration

It’s been a great year for Tier2Tech, thank you for your continued energy, feedback, and support! We’re developing a few very exciting features behind the scenes, and hopefully we’ll have a few even bigger things to show you next quarter. For now, however, is a pretty solid update for you. Hope you’re ready for it, because it’s just the start of the array of updates we have planned for the next few months.  



  • Automatic addition of Assets and Configurations for Syncro, ConnectWise, and Autotask. ( If you’re using one of these supported ticketing systems, make sure you’re set up to receive these. Our next iteration of this feature will allow you to pull tickets on demand, and even automatically regardless of ticket creation source. So go ahead and get it set up so you can enjoy that next feature set with ease. 
  • Device Management, sort by Domain and Serial Number. Super useful for updating groups of endpoints, sending a mass toast notification on outage, or removing devices you are offboarding. 
  • Email Disclaimer. This new feature allows you to prepend information to the email sent via our email connector. 
  • Better Integration Field Validation. Ever set up a new field in your Integration and it didn’t pass through to your ticketing system as expected? We’re now providing a better integration test to tell you which fields don’t match. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Pinned-To-TaskBar Icon Update. added improvements to our PTTB feature, including a smarter install with icon-cache-clearing 
  • Identity Provider Feature. Customize what methods and fallbacks you would like to use for pulling your users’ logged in credentials.  
  • Warranty Report Feature Fixed: A bug in the Serial number string, added some formatting. Enjoy!   
  • Build Naming. You’ll also note that we changed our Software build naming from [“Alpha”, “Beta”, “Stable”] to [“Release Candidate”, “General Availability”]. By the time our software reaches Release Candidate status, it has been tested on several thousand devices for 2-3 weeks. When we’ve had success and resolved a critical level of bugs, we will then move the product to General Availability. We’re confident in our product and want you to be confident in it as well, but as always if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Other Updates 


It’s official, Tier2Tech offers GDPR-compliance for both the UK and EU partners. Read more. 

Free International Shipping 

To help our partners around the world, we made the decision to provide free international shipping, to aid in offsetting VAT and other import costs.  


TopDesk is an ITSM Software that has been offering high-level Service Delivery since 1993. We’re proud to offer our integration with their Ticketing System.  

We have a lot left in the tank! Our Roadmap is available here, As mentioned before, we prioritize based on partner request, so if there is a feature you’d like to see prioritized, drop us a line at If you’d like an updated Demo Call with the amazing array of new features we’ve added, you can schedule one here:

Until Next time,  

Your Friends at Tier2Tech