Goodbye, SMS Authentication; Hello Multi-accounts + 2FA!

Greetings, Friend!

Every day, we inch closer to what we’re confidently referring to as our full-feature release. Thank you for all of your feedback, installs, and referrals. We’re so grateful that you’ve been enjoying our product and being evangelists to other people in your peer groups and communities. We hope that you will continue to provide this feedback even as we move past beta, which is looking like will definitely be by the first of the year. 

This week, we want to announce a few things that we’re pleased with: 

  • Multi Accounts are LIVE (In order to view PressView Reports, you will need to implement this with 2FA if you’ve been previously using SMS Authentication)
  • Integration Test button
  • IT Nation Next Week

As a refresher, we’re pretty proud to reflect that with these two items, that means we’ve hit most of the requests you have sent our way. So far, we’ve finalized and incorporated the following: 

  • Integrations with 6 major PSAs,
  • Amazon AWS S3 Bucket Self-hosting,
  • Autoupdating, and
  • 2FA enabled for Accounts (and now, for Report Viewing)

And these are only a few of the major changes we’ve made since our tiny launch in July of this year. If you’ve missed any of our releases, check them out here:

We don’t have a date for leaving closed beta, but we’re getting close. The last few things we want to add are: 

  • Running as a system service,
  • 40 images for annotated screenshot video, and
  • Some additional documentation and support videos.

If you’ve not deployed on 100 endpoints, we hope that you’ll take advantage of our commitment to lock anyone with 100 installations by the time we leave beta in to our beta price, forever! We could use your feedback and input as we finalize these last few features and make sure we’re well-positioned for moving on to public release. 

Without further ado, a few words on our updates this week: 

Multi Account is LIVE

If you were using the SMS authentication for viewing the ticket reports, you will find that things have changed this afternoon. We have replaced SMS auth with a full sub-account system with granular permissions control. Simply add the list of users who need access to your account by name and email, and select what they will have access to by toggling the selections under their name. You can hover your mouse over the options for a tooltip of what each icon controls, but here is the breakdown:

  • BIL: Billing. View Billing Details, update billing frequency and value, add or remove credit card
  • USR: User Management. Provide user permissions to view and update permissions for other users
  • SET: Account Settings. View and manage settings for the business, including the GUI and integration
  • DEV: Device List. View the Device List page, with ability to remove devices or view their history
  • DBD: Ticket Dashboard. View the Dashboard page: including Hostname, Source IP, Username, and Local IP of user who pressed the button.
  • BLD: Builds Page. View and manage new Builds and autoupdating features.
  • TIK: Ticket Reports. View Reports submitted with each Helpdesk Button ticket.
  • PLD: Payload Management. Upload Whitelabeling and Custom Scripts. 

Once you add a new user to the list, they will receive an email notification with a link to set their password. If you have two factor authentication enabled on the account (as you should), then this will be enforced on all of the sub-accounts as well. The 2FA key is centrally managed on the main settings page. You will notice a new button there which allows you to view the 2FA key QR code. Distribute this QR code in a secure manner to your sub-accounts to allow them to log in. Should this key ever become compromised, you can reset it globally on the main settings page as well.

Integration Test Button

Another new feature is the ability to test the API endpoint and API directly from the Settings page. Put in your integration info, update the page and click to run the test. It will attempt to submit a test ticket to the ticket system and any errors will show up in a dialog box.

Here are a few screens to illustrate the feature: 

IT Nation Next Week. 

We weren’t in time to get a booth this year but if you’re going, we’d love to have a drink and say hi. 

That’s it for now, thank you so much for all of your input, feedback, and ideas! As per usual, keep up with us in the following places: 

Until next time,