Helpdesk Buttons Release 0.3.28 | Features, Bug Fixes, and Updates

Hi everyone!

We are a little over a month into the beta and continue to be hard at work; we are currently on Build 0.3.28, and are adding new features and bug fixes daily — here are our notes so you know what is completed, nearly completed, and what’s next on our priorities. 

We also wanted to take a moment to emphasize that we are thrilled with every little bit of feedback at this phase and really want to hear everyone’s thoughts on the product, features, price point, etc. We have been reaching out to partners on the phone and if anyone wants to schedule a call, we’d love it. 

As a reminder, the platform is available for roll out and purchase already and we will lock in the beta pricing permanently for clients that install on over 100 devices during the beta. If you have not ordered buttons or stickers you can do so here:

Additionally, if you’d like to schedule an onboarding call for one of our devs to walk you through the platform and help set up your integration and branding; or to walk through your deployment options, you can do so here: <>

Anyway…. here is what we have been working on and what has been released or is near release right now!


  • The Self hosting on AWS feature is complete! We will be adding a link in our store where you can sign up for this. This is a feature that requires some significant amount of set up with one of our devs so we have a limited number of slots for this. In the future this will be a premium project, but we will be offering it for free right now to any partners who have a commitment to the platform already; either through hardware purchase or 100+ endpoint rollouts. If you are interested in signing up for this, please book a 1 hour slot here and we will send you further instructions.
  • Additions to the report! We have built out additional testing to the report that we are testing internally now and will be available in the dev build hopefully by next weekend. This includes:
    • Print spooler status, including current jobs and job errors
    • Windows current build version
    • Most recent Windows update
    • Default browser and HTML/HTM associations.
    • Chrome installed plugins list (we are working on a known bad plugins list for flagging unless someone has a good source for this they’d be willing to share)
    • Total RAM and usage
    • AV status and most recent updates
    • Windows firewall status
  • Auto-populate the GUI name/contact fields based on the last entered information is now live. You will need to be using the latest build.
  • osTicket Integration is now live! The documentation should go up this week.
  • The Freshservice integration is now live! The documentation should go up this week.
  • 2FA is now live, some of you might have set it up when the option appeared in the account page, you may need to set it up again.
  • The remote connection tool is now optional; you can disable this in the accounts page. We will have the ability to completely remove the utility in a later build but currently setting this option will disable the software.
  • The tickets that come in flagged as “emergency” will now pass this flag into all integrations that support it. Please note: as the text fields are editable for this we are specifically parsing for the phrase “This is an emergency” in one of the text fields, the default settings have this already. We are considering an impact/urgency matrix in future builds and trying to figure out what that would look like and where it would go in the GUI.
  • The link to the report is now set to private in all integrations that support it – clients will not be able to view the report in their ticket.
  • The ConnectWise integration now lets you select the board that tickets go to by default. You can change this in the settings for the API user in ConnectWise.
  • The billing page has been reworked and cleaned up. This required us pushing a change through that involved double billing some clients for a couple of days so you may see double charges on your account for individual days this month. We cleaned this up for anyone who was inadvertently billed for over a nickel (USD $0.05).
  • Decals are now available in the shop if you’d like to use keyboard decals instead of physical buttons. We will not be able to do custom branding for these, but we will be happy to provide the dimensions and supplier we used if you want to get your own custom printed. We have found they are generally too small to have much on them besides the word “help”
  • Forums now allow Facebook/google login, the forums are here:

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed F12 as a hotkey option as it is not supported in many versions of windows
  • Fixed a problem where the installer would not stop the TechConnect service on upgrade.
  • Fixed a problem with autocompletion when using LastPass
  • made and actual emails so people will not get bounce-backs if their ticketing system inadvertently responds to these addresses.
  • Fixed registration request validation bugs.
  • Fixed bug where splashscreen would appear in odd places occasionally on dual or triple monitor setups.
  • Fixed a bug in Repairshopr integration where the link was generated improperly.

Features currently in progress:

  • Sub accounts with limited access and the ability to delete tickets
  • Auto Updating executables
  • System service for running scripts and utilities that require administrative privileges
  • Any open bugs on github

Again, we want to thank everyone who is working on this, encourage people to reach out more and join the community. We are going to be offering a bug bounty program and a rewards program for anyone who is posting helpful scripts or feedback onto the forums. A number of people have written some cool custom scripts already and we want to reward you for your contributions.

Talk to you soon! 

The Tier2Tickets Team