Quick Morning Update 7/30

Samples are shipping out as fast as we can! We have run out of stickers and are down to a few hundred generic buttons in inventory! (We were expecting to send these out as part of a mail campaign over the next several months.) Ramping up production as fast as we can! Some of the custom buttons have shipped already but we are looking at a longer lead time at the moment for both.

Integration news

The Syncro Integration is now live. It uses the same drop-down and instructions as the Repairshopr intergration

The Autotask Integration is complete and just needs final review from Autotask, We have a meeting with them today and if all goes well this will be live shortly also.

Freshservice is nearly complete as well. and this will be pushed from Dev sometime this week.

Bug Fixes + Feature Requests

We are hammering out a few bug fixes as they are reported. Most are with the backend account pages as this is the first time they are really getting a workout. We have one known issue with the .exe placement of the splash screen that we are tracking down right now. As you see bugs (or features needed!), we’d be so appreciative if you add them to our GitHub <>.

The biggest features in progress are auto-filling the customer information in the GUI. This is a bigger problem than it seems at first because we have had requests to do this from 10 different sources including LDAP, E-mail, pulling from the RMM etc. Initially though we are going to start with just auto populating the last information that was placed there from the previous login in that user account. We will see how close that gets us to hitting the target for everyone.

The Remote desktop software will be optional in the next build. Some have been concerned about the security of it because it uses VNC to create the connection. I am going to quote our lead dev on that: ” It’s impossible for non-admin users to interact with the GUI of the VNC server, and it is not listening for incoming connections, so it’s impossible to exploit to gain remote access to the system. It’s only there for reverse-vnc connections in which the software initiates a backward connection outward. The software will only do that if the user explicitly checks a box to allow it on the consent screen each time, and it only attempts the reverse connections for 60 minutes ” Regardless this will be optional soon.

The other big features that are in progress this week are adding sub accounts and 2FA to the back-end. This is a pretty labor intensive process and we will keep you posted. Make us some issues, add your two cents here:

That’s it for now!

Again thanks everyone for trying this out and the universally positive feedback you have sent in. We want to build this for everyone and there have been a lot of great ideas pouring in.