Quick Update 2019-08-07

We had a crazy week this last week, thanks to you! In addition to getting out nearly 400 sample packages, we decided to close public registrations so we can focus on taking care of you folks that have already signed up, so welcome to the team! In addition to access to all of the cool new features that will only be available for premium pricing down the road, anyone currently in the beta receiving this email will be grandfathered into our current pricing model as long as you have at least 100 endpoints when we move to public release.

We’ve had some very, very good feedback already; almost all of it is very positive, and we are moving to implement it or add suggestions as fast as we can. We’ve moved several people from our internal MSP over to this project to keep up with demand.  The most helpful feedback right now is about the integrations: since we do not use all of these systems ourselves, any input about how it functions or how the workflows could be better is very useful. We have made a few minor changes to the ConnectWise integration already based on this. 

All of that said, we are doing our best to keep up with everyone, so if you haven’t gotten a response to something, please ask again. We have had hundreds of conversations and don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks. 

One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked is how to order and when they will be available to order. You can purchase buttons today. These are available from our online store under “Your Buttons” → Order Buttons.  We have had several people order already and have exhausted our inventory. We are producing more now as quickly as we can. For you folks who want to be first to market, we encourage you to go ahead and order as we are shipping on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The lead time as I write this is now 4-weeks for both the branded and non-branded buttons. This may go up and we will be as transparent about what to expect as possible.  We are currently sourcing out additional manufacturing but that has a long lead time as well. You can get 200 custom simple buttons at USD $7.99/button or 200 custom hubs at USD $11.99/button. There is a price break at 500 buttons, with quantity discounts further available at 2500 buttons.  

We have implemented several changes and bug fixes in the last two weeks. You can read the full dev notes here, but here is a summary: 

  • The Autotask integration is now live! 
  • The Syncro integration is now live!
  • Auto filling the GUI name and address field is now live on Dev. 
  • 2FA is being implemented now. 
  • Several changes to the ConnectWise Integration.
  • Sub-accounts and restricted permissions changes
  • Changes to the remote desktop implementation. 
  • Privacy and compliance changes.

Here are a few links that may help with getting set up and communication: 

Our team has been overwhelmed by the interest, support and feedback on this project and are committed to taking care our testers that are choosing to partner with us on it. We are a small team, we don’t have any sales people, we just want to build cool things that are useful, so thank you for giving us the opportunity! We’re jumping on a few calls this week to get personal feedback and everyone is always welcome to call us directly at (833) 328-8866.

Talk to you soon, 

The Tier2Tickets Team