❄️ Release Date and Major Updates to close out 2019

Hi Folks, we’ve got a big update for you to round out 2019! 

We continue to appreciate all of the responses and feedback from the community. Some of our early adopters now have hundreds of buttons installed and have built some very cool added features and contributed really good ideas. The feedback we have received is incredible and is the main driving force to shaping the product and platform. From our beta post via r/msp on Reddit just five months ago (July 24th, can you believe it?) to hundreds of MSPs and internal IT helpdesks around the world, we’ve had so many talented people contributing thoughts, ideas, and code.

We look forward to 2020 with a slew of exciting software updates and additions that we’ve made with you, your techs, your clients, and your feedback in mind. 

We have tentatively set a date for leaving beta: February 28th, pending completion of our development goals (read: We will not be able to offer free white-glove onboardings and AWS/S3 set ups after we leave beta, so please connect with us soon so you can take advantage of this now if you have not yet.  We also hope that you will try out some (or all!) of these huge new features we’ve added before then and lock in our beta pricing by installing on 100 endpoints or purchasing 100 physical Helpdesk Buttons. 

Our big updates as we run into the new year: 

  • Submit tickets even with no internet!  If the internet is down or not available, or the ticket can’t submit for any other reason, users will be able to scan a QR code with their phone and still get most of the relevant data to you. It’s not quite as robust of a ticket, but we compress the QR code and pack a lot into it. Please let us know what you think of this backup workflow. 
  • New optional Landing page! We’ve redesigned the start page to allow people to give an option to direct folks straight to their website or to launch an application. As always, all of the text and links are customizable and you can build this work-flow as you see fit. This will let people use the platform to completely replace their portal desktop link. Also, if you want to add an optional path to integrate with any other third party self help tools, you can do that here, too!  
  • Additional Diagnostic data! We’ve added several new data collection points, including:
    • device errors (any error codes in the device manager),
    • recent windows updates,
    • disk S.M.A.R.T. errors and driver errors,
    • recent BSOD info, and
    • OS build number.
  • You asked: New Tone for Dashboard alerts. It’s a little bit less intrusive; enjoy!
  • 2FA for individual accounts is now active. Learn more here:
  • GUI now skips registration page if auto-populated data hasn’t changed. Less work on your end users, less potential for typos!
  • Smart links on the reports! The new reports will build out with links that will auto-magically run curated results into Google. You will be taken to the top page containing the most relevant results for the flagged issue. (By the way, if you end up on any weird or-non helpful sites please let us know so we can blacklist them from the results) 
  • New Audit Events. For your paper trails, we’ve added a long list of other actions for your records,
  • see them in action here if you’ve activated Subaccounts:
    • Report seen
    • Report Printed
    • Video Exported
    • Video Frame Downloaded
  • osTicket integration is live.
  • Better Error Reporting in General. We’ve done a lot behind the scenes to clean up error reporting and issues, both in the backend with the new “test integration” button and in the GUI with better reporting on ticket submission failures. 
  • Added lots of additional help windows to the settings pages as well as additional documentation. We’ll add a start-up wizard in the future, but for now, we’re offering in-page tips and directions to help you get the most out of Helpdesk Buttons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Bluetooth MAC collision bug.  To prevent this in the future, the currently active device is prioritized and bluetooth devices are ignored. You may see some duplicate ID’s appear in your device list if you have a lot of computers with bluetooth. As per our usual process, the inactive MAC addresses will fall off after 90 days, but please let us know if you see this impact your billing and we’ll remedy it immediately. 
  • Fixed telephone validation specifically for UK. 
  • Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate desktop icons when the payload updates. 
  • Fixed some outlook email formatting issues for those using the email connector.
  • Improved GUI launch time on slow computers.

Coming soon

  • Natural Language Parsing and Advanced Reactive Scripting paths. Our advanced integrations already allow you to look for keywords in order to assign tickets to certain queues, priorities, technicians and more. (Read more here:, we wanted to build out a framework for strong scripting support that will actually allow custom reactive scripts based on what the user types. Most systems we see do this very badly, we have a few ideas to do it better. We will see how it goes!
  • Updated reports page. Since Launch, we’ve added dozens of scripts and the ability for MSP’s to append their own scripts. Unfortunately, this means that the reports page is getting long and less navigable. We are working to consolidate flagged issues and make the rest a little cleaner, as well as to look rather dashing on mobile views as well if you or your techs are on the road. 
  • Additional dashboard improvements. The long-promised heatmap is close. We are working to collect more data from the integrations in order to make the dashboard more useful. 
  • Additional Integrations.  Currently working through our list as fast as we can. If you’ve requested it, then we are looking at it.
  • Send ticket notification failures. This checkbox will appear in the integration settings. When enabled, most errors will attempt to send a notification email to the main account email address, this way you can get tickets, even if your PSA is down.

Read and Learn more

Wishing you all warmth and joy in this season. We’ll see you in 2020!

The T2T+HDB Team