v0.5.x.2 now live

Happy Holiday Season!

As many of you have noticed, we’ve even more directly ramped up our development and have created a clear list of the items we intend to provide you before leaving closed beta, and another clear list of the items that will be a part of our full release, which we will announce at the beginning of the year. 

These lists can be found on our trello board (, in their respective list names of “Before Open” and “Before Release” — everything else on the board remains on our to-do list and will be tackled one at a time and rolled into our stable build. 

Other than that update, in this email you’ll find the following: 

  • Advanced Integration Options – customize ticket submissions to follow rules you set
  • We’re deprecating v0.3 by December 1 – Please update at least to v0.4
  • Service and Welcome packages available now

Advanced Integration Options

We specifically want to draw your attention to one of the major features we’re rolling out in our current v0.5.x.2, Advanced Integration Options. With this new addition, you have the power to fully customize your integration to follow rules you set for tickets that come in. 

Have a specific company needs to be assigned to a specific board? 

Want a ticket with certain keywords assigned to a specific tech? 

Want to set the priority based on selections the end-user has made?

We’ve built a python-based JSON input field that is ready to accept any and all if-then statements and modify your given defaults to best suit your workflow. Learn more about some fantastic use-cases and get further instructions here:

Update your software before you leave for the weekend! 

While you cannot use the Advanced Integrations feature until you’ve updated to v0.5.x.2, we would hope that you’ve updated from our initial release of v0.3.x since reports generated with that software version will no longer work at the end of this month. We’ve scheduled deprecation for this Saturday, November 30th, so please update to at least v0.4.x.x before you leave for Thanksgiving/the weekend so submissions you receive over the weekend will be operational.

We’re going to be forcing an upgrade to v1.0.0 when we go to full release. While you’re not required to test each of the beta versions we’re rapidly iterating through, we would highly recommend you login and check some of the changes out (and deploy to a few more devices to lock in our beta pricing) so you and your clients aren’t surprised when we move you to the stable build. 

Welcome Packages and Onboardings

If you’ve not had a chance to try out the product, we are now offering Welcome Packages and Services in our Shop, for onboarding including PSA integrations and whitelabeling, AWS self-hosting, and for RMM Custom deployments. We’re offering one-time combination packs of different sizes to help you and your business get off the ground with our product.

Don’t let your team get in the weeds; we can get you up and running often requiring as little as 30 minutes of you or your teams’ time. Let us do the heavy lifting and start receiving perfect tickets every time:

That’s it for now!

Rolling into this holiday season, it feels appropriate for us to again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the support and positive energy you all have contributed to this project. We are grateful for all of the creative and diligent bug testing, consistent feedback, questions, and evangelism you’ve provided. It’s been a year since our team hit the ground running with a product we knew made our lives better and hoped would make all of your lives better, too. To be welcomed and encouraged by our MSP/IT community has been a gift and we look forward to doing what we can to honor it and continue making a good thing with you. 


Alex, Chris, Daryl, and Elizabeth